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We are not casual about how we address business

Look for our upcoming Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Panel Discussions

ANEW Professional will continue hosting our Maximizing Human Potential HR panel discussions. We will discuss how to leverage diversity to elevate organizational performance.

Who we are

Welcome! ANEW Professional is a talent management solutions firm that partners with you to develop and execute your talent management strategy.

We focus on a providing qualified professionals in the areas of: Executive Leadership, Strategy, Project Management, Data Science, and Innovation.

Our founder has over 30 years experience as business and technology consultant, and entrepreneur. As a consultant, he has been recruited and placed by recruiting firms in various roles from database designer to system architect to strategist. He has worked with companies of various sizes in many industries. He has leveraged his overall experience to bring a new perspective to the relationship between enterprises and professionals. The result is ANEW Professional.

We are not a traditional employment placement or recruiting firm that simply focuses on placing individuals. Our objective is developing long-term relationships with our clients and professionals by providing services that are strategically driven by a holistic talent transformation and management model that includes acquisition - alignment - management - assessment - development - measurement - retention components. We assist our clients with the acquisition, alignment, assessment, and development model components.

How we do it makes us different and makes a difference. Choose us as your talent management partner and you can participate in making a difference too!

How we are different

We are part of a network of professional development and conulting firms. This relationship has nurtured our ability to assess and acquire skilled executive leaders, strategists, project managers, and data science professionals who are aligned with our client's strategic direction.

We are also a strategic, data-driven firm. With the objective of maintaining long-term relationships, we stay in contact with our clients and professionals after placement to learn about their experience and relationship. We use that data to drive improvement with our acquisition, alignment, assessment and development strategies. We are committed to continuously providing highly-skilled professionals.

How we make a difference

Our belief in building long-term relationships led us to create our Bridge Program which serves as a means to developing a knowledgable workforce. For every professional we place, a portion of the fees received are allocated to the I M Possible Endowment. The funds can be used by an unemployed or under-employed individual to enroll in one of our partner's education and training programs. We work with community colleges and organizations to locate potential unemployed/under-employed individuals who may benefit from the available education and training programs.

The professional and the client's names are shared with the recipient or they can opt to remain anonymous. The Bridge Program represents our commitment to developing and maintaining long-term relationships focused on improving the lives of those around us!

We want to work with you:

We love delivering the best professionals

The enterprise and the professional are our clients and we strive to keep them excited about doing business with us. If your enterprise needs a new professional or if you are seeking a new opportunity, allow us to partner with you. We are always looking for

  • Executive Management
  • Strategists
  • Project Managers
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
  • Innovators

Our professionals are qualified

If you want your customers to like you then make sure you hire likeable professionals. We work with professionals who have both intellect and personality. Why is that important to us?

  • We believe that to be effective you have to have both intellect and interpersonal skills!
  • We believe that aptitude and attitude are equally important!
  • We believe that being able to communicate your thoughts is vital to being a valuable team player!
  • Because it is the type of people we and our strategic partners hire!

and likeable!

Our Talent Management Model

There is a definitive relationship between a well-defined and articulated strategy, skilled talent, business performance, and value creation. When the strategy focuses on value creation for all stakeholders it paves the way for establishing an effective talent management strategy which ensures the "organizational readiness" to execute the strategy to realize the value creation.


We assess your talent requirements based on your organization's strategic objectives and operational needs. Once your organization has a clearly defined business strategy, we work with you to identify key knowledge gaps and resource limitations that may hinder your organization's ability to achieve its strategic objectives. The result is a qualitative and quantitative assessment which drives our Acquistion, Alignment and Development strategies.

Benefit: Determing qualitative and quantitative talent gaps initiates the planning and cost estimating processes for required education and training plan to fill the "knowledge gaps" and the acquisition cost . Define the "best fit" model for new hires.


To acquire the "best fit talent" for your organization, we work with you to establish "candidate profiles" that are based on attributes beyond skill-based competencies. These profiles include attributes associated with improved job performance and organizational fit. The result is a defined model for seeking and selecting the ideal candidate who will exceed in their role.

Benefit: Hiring based on best fit profiles leads to improved business performance and retention.


We work with you to establish an effective education and training strategy that provides the proper people with proper knowledge to handle the current and future organizational needs. We achieve this by developing relevant, custom education solutions that links your talent management strategy to your organization's strategic objectives.

Benefit: Relevant, meaningful education and training designed for your organization leads to laser focused talent development which leads to measurable, elevated business performance.


This is a continouous process that ensures that a strategic fit between current talent and strategic needs. This is achieved through refining a talent management strategy that is based on experiential observations/data from the enterprise's strategic assessment, functional needs, individual performance measurements, and talent profiles.

Benefit: As a continous process, this establishes ongoing monitoring and controlling that provides a feedback loop to provide data to adjust the enterprise and talent management strategies.


We focus on placing Executive, Strategy, Project Management, Data, and Innovation professionals. Our professionals have been trained and/or vetted by our network of strategic partners to assess their knowledge, communication abilitities, and interpersonal skills.

Executive Professionals



Senior Level



Strategic Management

All Levels & Areas



Customer Relationship


Project Management

All Levels & Areas

Project Managers

Business Analysts

Project Coordinators

Portfolio Manager

Data Professionals

All Levels & Areas

Data Scientists

Data Analysts

Data Modelers

SQL Programmers

Our Partners

We are a proud member of a progressive strategic alliance of businesses that deliver professional services.

Strategic Management

Data Management

Education & Training

Executive Development

ANEW Day    ANEW Direction

Organizations succeeded because of:

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Strategic Direction
  • Data Driven Decision Making
  • Project Alignment
We partner with you in developing and executing an effective talent management strategy to acquire the best professionals to elevate your business performance.

"Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful."


We listen and We Learn

We listen to our clients and professionals. We are the bridge between their present and their future. We assume that responsiblity seriously and with commitment.

We listen to them to understand their current needs and future direction. We listen so that when those needs and direction change, we are entrusted to build new bridges to future destinations.

About us

We are a new and proud member of the TWG Private Capital Firm. Our role is to serve as the gateway to employment for executive management, strategy, project managers, innovators, and data science professionals.

We are the result of a humble service provided by one of our education and development strategic partners. The service was simply sharing employment opportunities with professionals enrolled in their program to assist participants with locating employment opportunities that matched their experience. Like many ideas, this simple service continously evolved in form and content. From sending opportunities via email, to posting the opportunities on a dedicated webpage, to allowing participants to post opportunities, to ultimately becoming who we are today. We are proof that good things happen when you begin with a desire to serve others.

What makes us the best professional placement firm is our strategic approach to talent management, and our close affiliation with our strategic partners that broadens our competencies and services. We have alliances with the following entities:

StrategicIsite (Strategic Management Consulting)
eblackwidow (Data Management and Technology Consulting)
Heuristic Learning (Professional Development)
Strategos Academy (Executive Professional Development)
Sketched on a Napkin (Entrepreneur Professional Development)

Many of our professionals have completed one or more professional development and/or internship programs delivered by one of our partners. We work with our partners to ensure that these professional development programs are aligned with the needs employers.

Our business approach is based on integrity, respect and character. We strive for excellence with our chief aim to "wow" our clients and professionals.

We are committed to advancing diversity in all facets within the workplace and we put forth great effort to achieve that objective. We seek professionals who share that vision; and clients who understand the value of diversity. These ideals are boldy shared by us and all other TWG companies.

Why organizations choose us

It is a challenge acquiring and retaining highly skilled, well-rounded talent in areas that are critical for organizational success: strategy, data management, project management and innovation. With our expertise in those areas and our approach of a holistic talent management model, we transform HR from an operational function to a strategic unit.

We work with organizations in establishing a diversity strategy to develop a talented, diverse workforce.

Our Bridge Program allows enterprise's to make a difference and enhance their brand awareness.

Why professionals choose us

We provide career development and management to our professionals before and after we place them. We serve as a career coach and provide professional development options based on the professional's career goals and industry needs.

Placed professionals are entitled to tuition reduction in professional development programs offered by our strategic partners.

Our Bridge Program allows professionals to make a difference in someone's life.

Be Success Full

Acquiring highly-skilled, well-rounded professionals who are aligned with and able to drive your strategic direction is challenging and time consuming. Allow us to work with you to fill your enterprise will qualified, motivated professionals who are driven to succeed.

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